Monday, 29 December 2014

Finding a self storage facility

Getting good advice on finding a self storage facility should not be too difficult, however there are a plethora of places around these days and the selection can be bewildering. Do you go with a big place that can upscale, or keep with a small family company that can promise a more personalised treatment? Is the cheapest necessarily the best, and do you need the storage to be local or more remote?

Once you dive in, the selection process becomes a lot easier. Speaking to the companies can give you a much better impression of what the place is really like, compared to browsing websites and advertisements fruitlessly. There may be some very good offers put on the table, but be warned that these may be temporary and that the real cost spread over the period of the contract should be your priority before jumping into any decision.

Also have a look around with a personal visit before you store or indeed sign anything. This is where your belongings are going to reside for a long time, so you must be satisfied that they will be kept in good condition and with ample on-site security. Bring a friend or colleague and see what they think.


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  2. You are right when you said it can be confusing to find the right self storage facility. However, I agree that once you start touring facilities it can be a lot easier to decide. Once you have actually seen the lockers, and the environment, you can usually decide pretty fast.